Apr 26

Posing in the bathroom

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Apr 26

Marc Willthom: Sex with Sissy Boy

I went to a shopping center, parked the car, took me to the trunk, finally despite the fact that people had opened the trunk, I got in, unbuttoned my pants and took off my penis, started to masturbate and passed his tongue, from above to down and down up, played a little in his testicles, his eyes were white, he moaned and I got more excited, every moment hard put his penis, and half of his stiffness could not put it to his mouth, possible because I love it, apart if it came to swallow a single bite, but finally when I had it completely hard, stiff, venous, I already felt that his penis exploded, suddenly I take the head and said “there I go fucking” , so I knew he would come but he did not let me take his penis out of my mouth, I exploded, I did not want to try it or anything like that, but I could not fit more than half, so I did, I do not know if I was so excited or because, it tasted delicious to me, I played with the semen in my mouth, finally I take out his pe ne of my mouth and said “open big”, I masturbate a little and release another semen discharge, I fell on the back and in the face, it was great, he said “that’s my whore, that’s why you’re my favorite”, I said “probably not the only one but it does not matter”, it was the first time I saw him in person, we talked before about Face and so, because we were made to see each other and it was the best, I would say that more than that, I fell in love, not Real or normal love, I do not know if I explain myself, but between doing it on the first date and then in a public place and that your trunk was very comfortable for that, let me do what I wanted that day with me afterwards

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